Economics and production management in the fields of Agroindustrial complext (BA)

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The main functions of professional activity:

  • personnel management of enterprise divisions;
  • organization of production;
  • setting managerial and economic tasks;
  • control over the execution of tasks;
  • development of options for management decisions;
  • staff assessment and training;
  • analysis of economic activity;
  • intra-production planning;
  • anti-crisis management of subdivisions of business entities.

Language: Russian
Qualification: Bachelor, economist-organizer
School: Grodno State Agrarian University
Location: Grodno, Belarus
Duration: 4 years
Mode of study: full-time studies

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Graduates of the Faculty of Economics can work:

  • at the enterprises of the agro-industrial complex;
  • at meat-packing plants, dairies, bakeries;
  • in supply and agroservice enterprises;
  • in district and regional departments of agriculture;
  • in banks and financial institutions;
  • in secondary specialized and higher educational institutions;
  • in the economic divisions of other enterprises and organizations.