International Air Law

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The purpose of this program is to guide, orient in the international framework, the participants on Aeronautical Law. The knowledge and skills acquired in the course will also have their accompaniment. The course is necessary and justified in its objectives. The purpose of the International Air Law course is to train representatives of civil aviation administrations, civil aviation authorities, airports and air navigation service providers to support their respective organizations in the implementation of international air law, through the application of appropriate knowledge and promotional activities.


Language: Spanish
Location: Caracas, Venezuela
School: Association of Experts and Professionals in Venezuelan Aeronautical and Space Law
Duration: 36 academic hours
Mode of study: full-time studies or virtual

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Recognize the previous learning that students have.
Clearly inform the competencies to be trained.
Generate significant activities that motivate the student.
Emphasize the teaching of the three basic knowledge.
Present real or hypothetical situations that allow a diagnosis and propose possible
Present cases that allow students to link learning to situations typical of their work