Legal Aspects of Disruptive and Insubordinate Passengers in Civil Aviation

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The purpose of this program is to guide, orient participants within the legal framework on rebellious and stubborn behavior on board an aircraft or airport, thus challenging order and discipline, representing a threat to airport security and aircraft protection. and its crew and passengers. It can also cause a costly disruption to air travel when aircraft are diverted to disembark unruly and disruptive passengers.


Language: Spanish
Location: Caracas, Venezuela
School: Association of Experts and Professionals in Venezuelan Aeronautical and Space Law
Duration: 30 academic hours
Mode of study: full-time studies or virtual

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Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
Describe the concepts and rules of human trafficking. The content and approach described in this course are an acceptable means to establish procedures, types of complaints by operators on the subject of human trafficking.
Apply your knowledge and understanding to help your national administration improve implementation.