Preparatory One-Year Polish Language Course

2500 Euro

What makes us different:

  • experience of organizing preparatory courses stretching back to 2006
  • we know how to ensure your stay in Poland is safe, pleasant and well-organised (we offer accommodation and help with visa and other issues at our International Help Desk)
  • a well-qualified and experienced team of lecturers who ensure the highest academic standards with focus on the individual needs of the course participants
  • a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere in the classroom to ensure the barrier in speaking is overcome as quickly as possible
  • active forms of activities outside the classroom (in museums, parks or cafes) to improve the effectiveness of lessons and help students find more about places worth visiting in Warsaw
  • language not only in the classroom; lessons frequently accompanied by meetings to help integrate the students with lectures, workshops, field trips to places of interest in Warsaw and meetings with interesting people
  • you will meet people from all over the world
  • we have perfected means of ensuring you become familiar with Warsaw and to help you settle in
  • satisfaction of our course participants has been confirmed by surveys

Language: Polish
School: Lazarski University
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Duration: 28 weeks
Mode of study: full-time studies

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What learning outcomes you can be sure of:
  • you will significantly improve your ability to talk about different topics
  • you will improve the accuracy of your expressions
  • you will learn specialist vocabulary in the domain of the subject you are studying in order to enable you to understand lectures and to participate in course-related activities
  • you will improve your ability to understand more complex texts and the ability to express yourself in specialist subject areas
  • it will prepare you to write academic texts
  • you will develop your social skills, such as articulating your opinions, cooperation in a group and developing interpersonal skills
  • you will gain confidence in a new environment
  • at the end of the course we will evaluate your language


• you will use straightforward language to deal with most life situations
• you will enter conversations on topics typical for everyday life
• you will describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions
• you will understand the main points of standard speech, radio or TV programmes announcements
• you will understand written texts on subjects related to your interests
• you will write texts on familiar topics
• you will develop your social skills, such as articulating your opinions, cooperation in a group and developing interpersonal skills
• at the end of the course your language competence will be assessed