Technology of food plant processing and storage (BA)

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The faculty has a modern base for theoretical and practical training, scientific research. Students receive practical skills during the passage of industrial practices at the processing enterprises of the republic, in scientific institutions. The close connection of theoretical training with the practical training of students makes it possible to train highly qualified specialists who meet the requirements of the food industry. Students take an active part in research work, make presentations at conferences at the university, in other educational and scientific institutions of the republic. Every year, students of the faculty take part in the republican project “100 Ideas for Belarus”, held at the university, present their developments to the regional and republican tours.


Language: Russian
Qualification: Bachelor, engineer-technologist
School: Grodno State Agrarian University
Location: Grodno, Belarus
Duration: 4 years
Mode of study: full-time studies

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The main areas of professional activity of the graduate:

  • organization of production and management of technological processes at bakeries, pasta and confectionery factories, enterprises for processing grain into flour, cereals, animal feed, milk and meat processing enterprises;
  • implementation of measures to improve the efficiency of processing enterprises, the introduction of modern computer control programs, advanced technological processes, management of not only the production process, but also the personnel involved in it to create conditions for the production of high-quality products;
  • design of equipment placement, development of technological and technical specifications for new construction or reconstruction of an enterprise in order to expand the range and production volumes, release new food products;
  • establishment and control of operating modes of technological equipment, calculation of its productivity, justification of the technological scheme of production;
  • selection of the optimal ratio of prescription components, quality control of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products to ensure their compliance with the requirements of technical regulatory legal acts, development of measures to prevent the occurrence of defects and defects in products;
  • development and introduction into production of modern technologies and new products from vegetable, dairy and meat raw materials, technical regulatory legal acts, maintenance of technical documentation.