The Human Factor and the Legal Responsibility of Error in Aviation

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Analyze how the actions and omissions of people who have made an error fit in with the procedural treatment of this, so it is
absolutely essential to know first of all what the area of knowledge that is responsible for studying this tells us: psychology
Know what types of unsafe behaviors are accepted and which are not, and the line between the two must be clear. Expose this new generation of regulations that protect professionals in the sector from honest mistakes they may make and analyze how they are treated in court. Describe the human factor and the social fact of work as a labor protection mechanism.


Language: Spanish
Location: Caracas, Venezuela
School: Association of Experts and Professionals in Venezuelan Aeronautical and Space Law
Duration: 8 academic hours
Mode of study: full-time studies or virtual

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For all this, and in a global and joint but at the same time orderly way, it will be learned starting with the presentation of the basic concepts of human error, psychosocial risks in aviation within mental health, as well as human behavior and fair culture, continuing with a legislative analysis to allow the understanding of the status of all applicable regulations, as well as the investigation of accidents and the treatment of the information obtained from this activity. A general review of the theory of crime is carried out as a prelude to applying it to error and human factors and to analyzing the concept of recklessness in more detail.
As well as the labor protection mechanism that covers the employees of the aeronautical industry.
Apply your knowledge and understanding to help your national administration improve implementation.